The Most Legally Violent Site On the Web!

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Unfortunately we live in a world where fighting is seen as something only done by criminals, convicts, poilice, and other people on the fringes of society.


This site is dedicated to helping the lost art of fisticuffs regain its rightful place in today's society. Fighting is not only useful, it can be fun. Especially if you are the winner. If you are the loser then it is probably more of a learning experience, but still worthwhile.


The fighting we hishlight on this site is fighting that happens on the street. Forget the boxing-trunk wearing losers and karate outfit sporting wierdos. We give you real deal brawls captured on the streets, in night clubs, at bars, in backyards, and even at school. is your source for the most legally violent fights available online.

If you ever get into a real street fight, you might be on our page next!

If this stuff offends you - GO AWAY. Stop looking at it. - And don't be lame.